Ahead of the Curve - Ljubenka Milunovic

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29 June, 2018
Ahead of the Curve - Ljubenka Milunovic
In our monthly blog series, Ahead of the Curve, we speak to highly successful women from the business world, from entrepreneurs to fashion icons. We’ll cover corporate styling, reflect on career successes and milestones and share tips to master your everyday work mode. So no matter what you do, you stay ahead of the curve.



How would you describe your style?

My style is varied depending on my mood, whether it’s for work or play and the season – of course. I love feminine dresses in the summer, yet I love the simplicity and comfort of jeans and a great shirt, too.

When there is work to do or people to impress and take notice, a fabulous suit or work dress makes me feel invincible and strong.


What style rule do you love to break?

There are no rules to break if you know what works for you and your body. Most importantly, you need to know and understand what flatters and enhances your physique. Anything and everything is possible if you know the tricks. Sestre can certainly help women understand and enhance the way they look!


What style advice would you give your younger self?

One thing that comes to mind for the women of today is not to hide or drape yourself in clothes or fashion.

I would let my younger self know that more fashion styles and options for curvier ladies, such as myself, are coming. Although, perhaps not as quickly as I would have liked. It is somewhat of a different story now. 


Style is a personal thing and you must remember not to hide it, but to empower it and shine.


What has been the biggest challenge to overcome in your career?

The biggest challenge I have had to overcome is wanting fashion choices that weren’t available to me in my size. I would look with envy at certain fashion pieces that I wanted to wear and knew instinctively that they would look good on my body shape, but they weren’t going to fit. I knew they wouldn’t flatter my curves like they did for straight sizes because they weren’t on offer.


Does your outfit impact your work mode or mood?

Absolutely it does! When I wear our Kata Skirt with either our Kata Coat or Kata Jacket, or our Tete Dress, I truly feel like I can do and achieve it all. I am ready to take on the world.


The right clothes or outfit empowers me and gives me the confidence that anything and everything is possible. What an incredible feeling that is! You are what you wear and present to the world.


How would you describe a great leader?

A great leader is one who leads by example. People want to become like this leader. They are strong, confident, patient, good listeners and understanding. They gently guide you in the best direction to maximise positive results and outcomes.


A great leader encourages and empowers the team and ultimately wants the best for all. Yes to that!


What does Sestre mean for you?

Sestre literally means ‘sisters’ who have freedom and choice. Sestre creates fashion solutions, clothing that bears architectural design and structure. Sestre is an understanding and a deep sense of belonging to the #Sestrehood.


How do you stay ahead of the curve?

I have always followed my instinct and stuck to what resonates with me personally. I feel confident with the choices I make when it comes to fashion and what looks good on me. After all these years, I know what I like and I know what works for me personally. I am always happy to try new things, but I generally know my jam.

I have the added benefit of having the best business partner a woman could ask for, who happens to be stylist as well! If there is any shadow of a doubt, it goes out the window very quickly and I am more than okay with that.

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